Squinting can make things clearer.

When squinting, the details of what you see become blurred approximations of shapes and colors, allowing for a new perspective that can be utilized. It is a common technique used in design to see if the entire composition is “balanced” with the use of shapes, colors, text, etc. Squinting is also used when we want to watch the laser cut/engrave one of our designs, but it doesn’t help much to shield our eyes from the bright beam (the beam is harmful to look at, but it is mesmerizing nonetheless).

Squint was founded as a branch of Quality Industrial Products, Inc. to fulfill the role of providing more creative and specific projects. While QIP provides large quantity custom die-cut adhesives, rubber, plastics, and many other materials, Squint provides the personal touch of designing and engraving. Quality Industrial Products is a family owned small business that was started in 1983 in Phoenix, Arizona. We have grown from a single die press facility into a 20,000 square foot facility with multiple die press machines, laser cutters and engravers, laminating machines and much more.